Thursday, 4 October 2012

On Urban Fantasy

The idea for 'Embers of the Sun' came from listening to a couple of friends talking about whether something that had happened was because of fate, and meant to be, or if it was just the outcome of choices that had been made.

I started asking, "Do you believe in Fate?" to just about everyone I met over a month or so and I was surprised by the answers I received. Most people who said "No" then went on to tell me about something that had happened and how it was 'meant to be'. The others who answered "Yes" were equally of the opinion that they were still in some degree of control because of the decisions they made along the way... 

Curious and more curious...

I didn't set out to write 'Embers of the Sun' as urban fantasy but as I got drawn more and more into developing the fate and freewill concepts, urban fantasy was the only way for me to really tell the story.


Chantal Mortimer

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